To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

twitterThat is the question on many business owners minds according to an article by Mashable, titled 8 ways Entrepreneurs can get more out of Twitter.  The article states that most small business owners have no concept about how to use Twitter effectively.  ‘For some, Twitter has proven to be a powerful way to engage customers and build a community. For others, tweeting has been nothing but a useless time suck.’  I encourage a read of the article to take note of the comments from a panel of young American entrepreneurs giving advice on utilising Twitter –  a variety of opinions offered.

I’m a recent convert to Twitter.  I signed up in 2009, but at the time found only 3 followers (how sad) through my online friends network, this was a far cry from my ever expanding Facebook list (at the time edging its way over 200)…so I left my account dead after a month of no interest – all alone with one solitary tweet!  I had put my lack of interest in Twitter  down to mixing with late Gen Y / early Gen X’ers that also had no interest…thought maybe we were too old for the twitterverse?  At the time it seemed to me to be a Teenage/Early Gen Y fad where you would only tweet your latest status update or stalk celebrities such as proud Twitterer Ashton Kutcher and his wife @mrskutcher (aka Demi Moore). Over the last 2 years I even went as far as denigrating Twitter at work meetings, debating with fellow co-workers the worthiness of this social media application in comparison to Facebook. It didn’t appeal to me to update status without friends (followers) to view it, or aimlessly follow celebrity’s daily ramblings (traditional gossip mags were enough).

twitterverse (follow link for larger image)However, since learning more about the twitterverse, I can tell you I’m fast becoming addicted. An article by CNN Fortune Money Blog explains my sentiments exactly;  “Much like learning to surf or ride a bike, you have to develop a feel for using Twitter. Many users never do, signing up to try it and then giving up. But for those who commit, it’s addictive, entertaining, and cool. It’s emerging as a real-time newsreader, offering users a sampling of what’s going on in the world. Dip into your Twitter stream for two minutes, and you may discover that four New York Times journalists were kidnapped in Libya and your train line is experiencing delays. But to the uninitiated, the service is a bit of a mystery.”  Ring true for anyone else?

How did I convert?

Predominately through learning about digital marketing and the value of the online world as a Marketer, during my Masters at Swinburne,  as I’m sure most people connected to this blog might identify with.

Having celebrated its 5th birthday in March, I don’t think Twitter is slowing down any time soon.  Not long ago there was talk of Trouble @ Twitter, but in early May an event occurred that put the social media organisation back in the spotlight.  On May 1st Twitter was abuzz with speculation and subsequent confirmation of terrorist Osama bin Laden’s death. At one point that night, Twitter recorded 5,106 tweets per second, which is the third highest tweets-per-second tally behind only numbers registered during New Year’s Eve 2011 in Japan and the destructive tsunami there in March. (Mashable, 2011).  Twitter was the first to report the news, and as Business Insider states ‘Twitter was faster, more accurate, and more entertaining than any other news source out there’.

bin laden explosion on twitter

Look at the visualization above and see how quickly word spread on Twitter, collated by SocialFlow – a NewYork social media optimization platform.  Mashables article on the visualization explains the Bin Laden news explosion via the social media platform, and also features advice for Tweeters noting:  ‘the number of followers you have on Twitter matters less than who and how active they are’. Read the article for more.

So,  To Tweet or not To Tweet?!  Can Twitter help Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs and Business Owners engage customers?  I believe so, and I think the platform in Australia is growing, especially when Customers and Marketers alike understand that Twitter can be a great network for news of the minute, business updates (from regularly manned tweeting businesses) and product/service promotions.

See a great example below of a successful Direct Marketing campaign through Twitter.  The live and interactive Twitter campaign by Volkswagen in February this year promoted their sponsorship of the Planeta Terra Festival.  View more innovative Twitter Campaigns  here.

I’ve posted a list of TWITTER BUSINESS REFERENCE LINKS below that will provide anyone interested with further information regarding Twitter and business marketing.  New to this game I don’t profess to know all, though can say that the Bin Laden Twitter visualisation article came to me as a Twitter post, which led me to research the social media application and then write this blog –  for your benefit and mine!  

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So what do you think of  TWITTER for business?   Please follow the link to COMMENT

PS. Warning for the addicted…I profess have now caved and begun stalking celebrities in my downtime, sadly couldn’t resist Charlie Sheen and his Tiger Blood


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    So what do you think of TWITTER for your business? Please COMMENT

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